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Russia is once again a critical area of study. Pushkin Is Our Everything is an inside look at contemporary Russia, through the lens of Russians’ love of literature, their relationship to authority, and their eternal search for identity.

Since Dostoevsky praised Pushkin at the unveiling of the first Pushkin statue in Moscow in 1880, Russians of all stripes have glorified him. Russians often say that Pushkin is their “everything”.

The documentary is a revealing jaunt through history, from Pushkin’s fatal duel in 1837 to the fall of the Romanov empire through the communist period. At each of these points, Pushkin rose higher and higher on the pedestal of Russian culture.

But it’s been a rough few years in Russia. In response, the film tackles a second important question: How can Russia’s national poet help them today?  The film introduces audiences to Russians who have turned to Pushkin to get them through difficult times. As one St. Petersburg poet is quoted as saying: Pushkin is more important today than ever!

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72 min. / 2015 / All regions

English and Russian w/ English subtitles

PART 1: Pushkin and Russian History (35 min.)

PART 2: Pushkin in Russia Today (37 min.)

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Subject areas:

> Pushkin’s life, duel, death

> The Bronze Horseman, Eugene Onegin, Exegi Monumentum, Elegy 1830

> Russian history and political change, 1800 – 2015

> Dostoevsky’s speech about Pushkin

> Culture and propaganda under Lenin and Stalin

> Russian Orthodox Church and Pushkin

> Racism in Russia

“The film uses the poet Alexander Pushkin as a prism through which to offer a fascinating look at the complexities of Russia’s identity…

Much more than a film about the legacy of a poet, Pushkin Is Our Everything exposes the rich but also restless culture of this country whose uncertainties about its modern identity seem to generate grand myth after grand myth—and running through them all is its myth about Alexander Pushkin.

It is beautifully filmed, and will remind anyone who ever fell in love with Russia why they did so.”

— Prof. Thomas Seifrid, Chair, Slavic Languages and Literatures
Univ. of Southern California


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